Je Suis

…she shares the sacrilegious, beguiling fantasies that are fashion, fit-food and luxe travel from the House of Her Obsession: a life-inspired venture that has quashed advertising. Heck, who needs an exec in a pricey suit telling you what you can and can’t do.


Independent storyteller, art director and producer, Bethanie’s more recent collaborations with Rachel Gilbert, Design Hotels and Monarc Aviation, Gurskaja and Norisol Ferrari have been delivered as shoppable stories for Artisanal Entertainment Network, Motion Journal. Current conversations with Foodora, SONY, MasterChef, Universal and PayPal tempt her days and too, Brands with whom she consults.


After a childhood in theatre, music, dance and film and on completing studies in Business and Public Relations, Bethanie’s commercial acumen continued to develop, empowered by mentors in private equity firms, entertainment and advertising. In 2015 while on tour in Thailand with WG Trunk Co., she embarked on a life-changing journey AdTech and 2 years later, Motion Journal happened.