Bethanie Ashton

BETH    bāt,bāTH,bās/

Hebrew “House” House of God

Those whom are intimate friends know my place of temporary living (after-all, we are all temporary inhabitants and I am a globalist, aka ‘serial home-maker’) to be an inviting modernist environment. One where design, fragrance, mood lit shadow play, appetite and an ambient playlist lend themselves to a sensorial experience. Home to me is a safe place to meditate and soak to cleanse; a sanctuary from the chaos of the world.

I create harmony and structure at Home and the same may be said of my agency, House. The clients I represent cross several industry sectors, though natural integration (storyline) is how we deliver multi-branded campaigns… where every object, sound, location is shopped or learned about simply through ‘touch’able tech.

This is the future. Of social influence. Of raw, behind-the-scenes material. Of entertainment that is immersive. At the heart, a House that is streamlined, functional and that shares positivity and Light.

Come on a safari and meet me in Kenya, Barcelona, Uruguay. RSVP to cameo in our film schedule.

Once Upon A Croissant

Fairytales and Disney were a childhood fondness, a mindful sancturary from the welts and blows.
My Imaginarium exists above the clouds in a parallel universe away from politics and world wars.

Join me here, in my utopian hideaway, the distant lands of milk and honey (or almond fig jam and cwa-ss-aun). 

 Touch the screen while watching our Little Films on your iPhone to shop, be a part of humanitarian aid or learn more
about all the hidden treasures, tastes and sounds of cultures to you, unknown.

Reality collides with Fantasia in our #MotionStories

Condesa Aurora

Casa Condesa

Here I am in La Condesa's estate near to Parque Espana, which was once a major entertainment vicinity for horse racing and bull fighting at the turn of last century. Her estate (the precinct) was subdivided in the 20s and over one hundred years has transformed into a stomping ground for, hipsters. A remodeled boutique residence in the Arts District of Mexico City, my apartment overlooks an ivy-covered terrazzo and melodies of soft Spanish vinyl enter the picture-windows with the afternoon sun. This is where I stay. This is where I write - next to the lace adorned window, fresh espresso steaming in a mug.. nostalgia of Nanna's house and sepia summers.

La Showroom

Family of Artists

90 days of building an online showroom of artisanal fashion is no easy feat. Especially when your point of sale is unlike any other. It was on a New York film set that I met fellow entertainer (naturally) an unconventional soul with deep roots in Cuban textile export who has for years supported performers and musicians from his studio. Together we have formed a collaboration, that of La Showroom and immersive films created from East 2nd Street East Village. Introducing the controversial artisans who decorate the hangers of our showroom, debut in our #MotionStories May you shop to support their growth into bigger, bolder markets. 

Frida Kahlo

Mexican Expose

Finding Frida has been a personal discovery of my youth - finding God within me, harnessing my own uniqueness to steer around (and sometimes straight into) obstacles. Ultimately to crusade enterprise. Mexico is where my Lady of inspiration awaits; I meet first with the chicas of Mexico City, who like me, have come to know themselves and become a powerhouse of creative commercial enterprise. And from February, more femme du force.